NX6020 Cabin

The NX6020 tractors are ready for any job that demands a durable tractor. An efficient engine, HST Drive and flat work platform make the NX series a great value tractor. The NX series is loaded with standard equipment and features such as wet disc brakes, rear remotes, PTO, adjustable seat and true cruise control. 


Standard Features:

  • Auto PTO
  • Remote Valves (2)
  • 7-Pin Socket 
  • Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Heater and A/C
  • CD Player
  • Joystick Valve 

Engine & Transmission

The exceptionally quiet KIOTI diesel engines produce little vibration at working speeds and meet or exceed all EPA and CARB regulations through optimal combustion and fuel economy.

The NX series Kioti tractor feature a performance-proven heavy-duty HST transmission that delivers power smoothly and efficiently. The 3-speed ranged transmission with separate twin pedals makes the job easier, smoother and safer. The NX6020 Cab tractors have been equipped with a performance proven, heavy-duty HST drive unit. Changing between forward and reverse is done without clutching or hand shifting with the dual pedal controls system. With the KIOTI HST drive system, your hands remain free for steering and implement control.



Operator Station

A newly designed LCD panel provides all necessary information offering high-visibility through symbols and letters with LED lights. The LCD monitor also displays PTO revs, fuel indicator and engine temperature. The NX series comes with a stylish and comfortable cabin deluxe seat and easy to reach and operate controls. 



Hydraulic System

An additional and separate filter for KIOTI HST transmissions prevents possible contamination from other hydraulic systems and helps to assure product life. The addition of an oil cooler for the HST system prevents system oils from overheating under heavy loads and harsh working conditions.

With a lift of 1334 kg, the NX series Cat. 1 three-point hitch has the power to spare when carrying large implements, such as mowers and blades.



NX6020 Series Utility Tractors
Daedong 4B243LWHR Wet Multi Disk Type
Liquid Cooled 4 Cylinder Diesel  
2435cc Displacement OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT
60hp @ 2600 rpm (Max hp) High Quality Fully Adjustable Seat
56 Litre Fuel Tank Capacity Arm rests and Backrests
  Adjustable Steering Wheel and Instruments
3 Range Hydrostatic CABIN
4 Wheel Drive Luxury Spacious Cabin 
Differential Lock Step Through Platform
  Deluxe Fully Adjustable Suspension Seat
POWER TAKE OFF  Full Dash Instrumentation
Independent 540rpm PTO Air Conditioning with Heating & Ventiation
Electric Switch Engagement CD Player with AM/FM Tuner
  Joystick Control Valve, Sunvisor
Position & Draft Control TRAVEL SPEEDS
Implement Pump 36.4 l/pm Forward 0-28kph / Reverse 0-28kph
Steering Pump 31.2 l/pm  
Maximum Total Flow 67.6 l/pm DIMENSIONS
Quicke Hitch Hook Ends (Cat 1) Overall Length 3547mm
Swinging Draw Bar Overall Height (Cab) 2415mm
4 Sets of Hydraulic Remotes (2 rear/2 front)  
  Wheelbase 1920mm
TYRES Minimum Ground Clearance 376mm
Industrial Tyre R4 Front 10 - 16.5 Weight (Cab) 2000kgs
Rear 14.9 - 24  
NX6010 Cabin  
KL155 Loader with 4in1 Bucket 300mm Backhoe Bucket
KB2475 Backhoe with 400mm Bucket 450mm Backhoe Bucket
Rear Counter Balance Weight Box (650kg) 600mm Backhoe Bucket
AG Tyres 8-16 / 13.6-24 (check for availability) Pallet Forks
230mm Backhoe Bucket Bale Forks

*This information is sourced from overseas therefore it might not apply locally. Please contact your nearest dealer to confirm specifications and other information.