Contractor sticks with ‘best small tractor on the market’


Waikato lifestyle-block contractor Gordon McLachlan can do just about anything with his new Kioti CK3310 tractor, which he recently bought to replace a similar model he had for seven years.

Gordon’s business, Dirt Work, is based west of Hamilton and undertakes a range of lifestyle block and section finishing and maintenance work. This includes planting new lawns, fencing, spraying, stock management and rural work.

Gordon was dairy farming for many years before starting Dirt Work. He purchased his first Kioti tractor, a CK22, when he first formed the business. He traded it in a couple of months ago for the new CK3310.

“I had an incredible run out of the CK22, which did about 1800 hours,” Gordon says.

“I used it for everything from rotary hoeing to ploughing, fertilising, grading and a lot of loader work.”

While Gordon initially considered a different brand of tractor, he soon realised it made no sense to buy anything other than a Kioti.

“I didn’t think the other tractor had the same strength in the manufacturing that this one has got. I had no reason to change brands so I decided not to. When I did my homework before I bought my first Kioti it stacked up to be the best small tractor on the market, so why would this one be any different?”

Gordon loves the strength and reliability of the new CK3310.

“The front axle is so much stronger than any other tractor on the market at 10hp more than my old one it’s basically the same-sized tractor, just a new upgrade.”

New features on the tractor that Gordon particularly likes include the quick-hitch, front-loader system and the self-levelling loader.

“I have got a 1.5m rotary hoe, a 1.5m topper, a 1.5m levelling bar and they all fit straight on,” he says.

“I have noticed that extra 10hp with the topper and the rotary hoe. It makes a difference. The only thing I am going to change at its first service is adding a suspension seat.”

Gordon purchased the Kioti CK3310 from Power Farming in Morrinsville.