Kioti RX8030 takes challenging terrain in stride


The new Kioti RX8030 tractor operated by the TECT All Terrain Park in the Western Bay of Plenty is proving to be a huge asset.

The TECT is a recreational facility jointly owned by the Western Bay of Plenty District Council and Tauranga City Council. It offers a range of public facilities, including tracks for walking, mountain biking, horses and family-focused motorcycling.

TECT manager Bill Wheeler says they purchased the 80 HP Kioti RX8030 in July to replace a 50 hp tractor that was not quite large enough for the work they were doing.

“We were looking to upsize our tractor. A lot of the work we do is on fairly challenging terrain and we wanted something wider and heavier than our previous machine,” Bill says.

“We wanted something that gave us good fuel consumption and manageable service intervals because we are reasonably remote in terms of getting service work done.”

“We also wanted a machine that was relatively straightforward. We weren’t after something with lots of electronic gizmos in it that would confuse the operators.”

Bill and his team looked at a wide variety of tractors before they settled on the Kioti RX8030. It met their criteria in terms of size, horsepower, safety and physical dimensions.

They were also impressed with the price and after-sales care provided by their local dealer, Capital Tractors.

Bill uses the RX8030 for a variety of jobs, including loader work for materials handling and clearing windfalls on the park’s road networks, loading gravel and shingle, and running a mulching mower on the back. It has met all of his expectations.

“It’s a much bigger tractor than our last one but the manoeuvrability is amazing with the power steering,” he says.

“We can get it around in spaces that we would have struggled getting the previous tractor around in. It’s much more stable and has better traction and handling on the reasonably steep terrain that we are going up and down.”

“I have driven all sorts of tractors over the years and the Kioti is a wonderful workhorse. It’s one of the best I have ever driven.”