Kioti CS2610 an all round performer on the lifestyle block


When JP Chapman, an employee at Power Farming, needed a replacement for his Ford 4000 tractor and his four-wheeler, he looked no further than the Kioti CS2610.

JP decided on the Kioti, “Because it's the best on the market! I see enough of all the brands to know that there is nothing better. When I go around the Power Farming workshops I literally never see a Kioti.”

JP and his wife have recently taken over their newly built property on the outskirts of Cambridge. “We bought the Kioti in November to help with the final stages of the build, and immediately started using it to tidy up the section, prior to landscaping.”

The Kioti CS2610 is a 26 hp, multi-functional lifestyle tractor. It has a 60” mowing bed and 4 in 1 front end loader with a 318 kg lifting capacity. Its appeal was the Kioti’s ability to do everything that JP’s tractor and four-wheeler did previously, and the ease of operate ration.

“I had an old Ford 4000 tractor, but Kim didn’t feel comfortable driving it. It was an old fashioned machine, all clutch, revs and hydraulics. The sort of thing you can easily put through a barn door! The Kioti is really user-friendly, she can hop on it and use it easily as and when she needs, and not wait for me to be at home at the weekend.

“The front end loader has probably moved 100 tonnes of dirt so far. I’ve used it to level out topsoil, level the driveway, and used the 4 in 1 bucket’s pincer movement to sort out the stuff trucks leave behind, including 50kg piles of hardened concrete. With the Kioti I simply picked them up and dumped them in the skip. Brilliant!”

The self-levelling front loader’s 4 in 1 bucket with 3rd service becomes a blade, a grab and a grader, as well as being able to lift, scoop, bulldoze, pull back and clamp. All operations are performed through the ergonomically positioned joy stick.

The 60” commercial grade mid mounted mower also drew enthusiastic comment from JP.

“Once the Spring comes, Kim will use it to mow around the property, the road side and to top the paddocks. Currently we use a tray to take bales into the paddock for feeding out.

The mower unit raises high enough for topping, and high enough to be out of the way when using the loader. I suppose if you were doing earthworks every day of the week you might want to take it off. So far it hasn't been a problem.”

The rear 540 rpm PTO and high capacity three point hitch are ideal for attaching implements such as a small slasher, harrows, cultivator or sprayer. JP also uses a quick-hitch so he can use the Kioti for moving the boat or horse float easily.

As far as ease of use is concerned:

“The power steering, even under load, makes it easy to drive as well as operate.

“All the controls are close to hand, exactly where you need them. The loader’s joystick control is responsive, and the button on the top for opening and shutting the bucket makes it very easy to use, right from the outset.

“PTO selection is easy, raising and lowering the mower deck is easy, forward and reverse pedals easy. The under the seat, 12 volt auxiliary socket is useful. I can plug my sprayer straight in.

“The 26hp diesel engine is easy to get at which makes maintenance a very simple task. Everything is accessible.

“It is very intuitive to use. Everything is where you expect it to be.

“The Kioti is more manageable and better suited to our needs than the old Ford 4000, and it is more versatile than a four-wheeler but just as manoeuvrable.

“The Kioti does everything that my four-wheeler used to do, but with the addition of the front loader it will do everything I need it to.

“One of the fundamental reasons I purchased the Kioti, was so that Kim could feel comfortable using it. She loves it! Happy Wife - Happy Life!”